Terms and Conditions


* A valid credit card number is required to make a reservation.

* In addition to the rental rate , there is a reservation/clean-up fee in the amount of

4 days or less =  $65;        5 days or more = $95;        30 days or more = $195.00 + $25.00 Admin. fee

There is a  12% tax on the rental rate and the reservation/clean-up fee.  The price you are given while making your reservation should be the TOTAL.

*When making the reservation, be sure to tell the clerk the DATE AND DAY of arrival and the DATE AND DAY of departure so there will be no misunderstandings.

Be sure to check your confirmation to make sure all information is correct.

*Cancellations Must be made 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date.  You will be charged $300.00 if you

fail to cancel (unless the unit is re-booked).  Winter Visitors must cancel 60 days in advance of arrival.

*  A minimum stay may apply on specific dates.

*  Rates are subject to change without notice.  After you have made your reservation, your rate will not change.

*Occupancy Rate:  2 Bedroom – no more than 6 guests (unless approved by management)

* Reservations made (which include teenagers or college age persons will require the following:

– 2 Responsible adults (at least 25 years of age) to make the reservation and must occupy the unit.

– A Waiver must be Signed by person making the reservation

Person making the reservation must:  Check in, Occupy the Unit, and be responsible for the unit.

SPECIFIC unit or accommodations are not guaranteed!.  We will make all efforts to leave you in the unit you  booked.    At times an owner will move out a renter or there can be damage or maintenance in a unit that we can not delay.


*Check-in is at 4:00 p.m. 

*If you arrive prior to that time, come to the office to complete your paper work and we will take your cell number and inform you when your unit is ready.

*  Unit charges can be paid by cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover or Travelers Checks

*  If you are a late arrival, the key will be hung in the “A” office lobby in an envelope with your name on it.  There is a security camera there for your protection.  The next morning you will come to the office and get your security codes and take care of your unit payment.


* For your safety, please wear shoes on the wooden walkways.


* Luggage carts are located in the lobby or at the parking lot entrance.  Please return.

* Do not take luggage carts into the units.

* For HOT WATER and AC-Heat, flip panel breaker (marked) to the center (if not already flipped).

*For emergency assistance, lockout, or complaint concerning noise after hours, call Security (850) 234-7430 or

Answering Service:  (850) 563-1630.

* Outgoing mail may be dropped off at the office.

* Do not hang or lean over balcony; or hang articles on balcony railing to dry.

* Please do not feed seagulls from the balcony.

* Units are individually owned.  Do not take articles from one unit to another.

* The garbage disposal is for food particles only – no bones, shrimp shells, etc.

*  The trash chutes for garbage are located on each floor next to the elevators.

*  A maximum of 6 persons allowed in a 2BR (unless authorized by management).  Without permission, additional persons will result in the loss of deposit or additional charges.

*  Children are not permitted to play on elevators or push buttons.  Fire Marshall law.

* No food grilling is allowed on the balcony.  Use grills at the pools.

*  For your convenience, stairs are located at each end of the building.  Use caution.

*  The coke machine, washer and dryer, and linen exchange room are located in the lobby.  Turn right after exiting the elevators.

*For clean linen, exchange soiled linen for fresh linen from 10:00 am – 11:00 am daily at the housekeeping area (across from the Coke machines).  Winter monthly rentals exchange on Wednesday only (donuts and coffee day).

*  Damaged or missing linen will be charged to guest.

*  Linen is not to be taken to the beach.



*  No skateboards, roller-blades, skates, scooters, or mopeds allowed.

*  Winter Guests:  No soap, toilet paper, or garbage bags will be provided.

*  Fireworks are not permitted.

*  Please do not leave the washing machine or dishwasher running while unattended.


*All dishes must be washed before checking out.  You do not have to put them up, but they must be washed if using the dishwasher.

*Please leave all linen in the unit.

*Remove trash from the unit. (Garbage Chute located by elevators)

*CHECKOUT IS AT 10:00 A.M.  Please notify the office 30 minutes prior to checking out.

*For possible late checkouts, contact the office.

*Earlier than 8:30a.m. checkout, please contact the office the previous day to inform of early checkout.

*Credit card number is on file in lieu of deposit.

*Damage to unit will be charged to credit card. There will be a $200 charge to any card if we determine the guest has smoked in the unit.

*If extensive housekeeping is required due to extra dirty unit, an additional $150.00 fee WILL be charged to your credit card.


*  Please do not adjust the freezer control knob to the maximum setting.  This will result in the refrigerator not cooling properly.

Please do not set the air conditioner thermostat below 72 degrees.  Setting below will cause the unit to freeze up.

*  Please do not leave air conditioner running while the  glass sliding doors or front door is open.  Excessive condensation will occur on the floors which creates slippery conditions.  Also, this will cause the unit to freeze up.

*Guest may be charged a service call if originated from any of the above.

*Please be sure to turn t.v. off with t.v. button – not “CATV” button.


*The pool opens at 8:30 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m.

*  Please be advised any towels that are placed on lounges or tables, especially in the mornings, without a physical body to reserve or to account for these personal items will be removed.We apologize that we must enforce this rule; however, following this procedure will aide you in finding a lounge anytime throughout the day.

*  For beach lounge chair and umbrella rentals, see life guard on the beach or sit in one of the chairs and they will find you.

*Items that are removed from the pool area will be placed at the pool racks (Teal canopy covered area near the pool OR turned into the “C” Rental office.)



                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                       7205 THOMAS DRIVE, BUILDING A

                            PANAMA CITY, FL  32408

                                    (850) 234-6669

                                  August 1 , 2017

To:  off-site rental agents / owners/ & owner managed rental units

RE:  Pet Friendly Units

Dear Owner/Agent:

The issue of pets on property was discussed at the January 14, 2017 board meeting.  Also discussed was the potential for specific problems that may occur while accommodating pets on the Dunes Phase 1 property.

The Board has adopted specific guidelines to assist owners, guest, and outside rental agents of what is required when bringing your pet to the Dunes of Panama.

From a liability standpoint, we need certification of a rabies vaccination on file for each pet on property .  The forms needs to be on file prior to arrival date at the Dunes . You may fax the certification form to (850 233 6810) or email (dunesofpanama1@comcast.net) .

Enclosed is a copy of the Dunes of Panama Rental Association Pet Rules that has been adopted by the Board of Directors.

We suggest that your guest sign a form similar to the Dunes form, to ensure that guest are aware of the current Dunes pet guidelines

The Board is focused on providing a clean, safe and “bark free” environment for our guest and owners.  The Board would appreciate your cooperation in this endeavor.  With your cooperation, we will be able to continue as a pet friendly designation.

Any questions please contact Rusty Arnold (Manager) at 850-234-6669.

                                                                                                                         Board of Directors


Dunes of Panama Rental Association Pet Rules  

RESERVATION NO:__________________


  1.    Guests are responsible for all damage caused by their pet(s).
  2.    If management determines that a pet is a threat to others, the guest will be asked to place their pet in a kennel for the duration of their stay.
  1.  Pets must be on a leash at all times while on common areas.
  2.    No pets over 25 lbs. will be allowed (Owner’s & special needs guests are Exempt).
  3.   Pets in units that are not pet friendly will be required to move to a    pet friendly unit, if available. Also, a pet fee, additional cleaning fee (for cleaning the unit), and a charge for carpet & furniture cleaning will also be required.  If a pet friendly unit is unavailable, pet must be boarded in a kennel for the remainder of the stay.
  4. Guest are responsible for removal of all pet droppings (Pet Waste bags are supplied).
  5. Pets must have a current rabies vaccination tag.    The certificate must be faxed or emailed to office, PRIOR to check-in. Certificates can be emailed to dunesofpanama1@comcast.net  or faxed to: (850) 233-6810.
  1.   Dunes of Panama Rental Association units are restricted to one pet – unless authorized by management or owner.  If an additional pet is authorized, additional pet fees will apply.
  2.   Florida Statute does not allow pets (owner’s or guests) on the beach ($500.00 fine).
  3. Constant dog barking will result in guest being asked to board the pet. If boarding facilities not available, guest will be asked to vacate unit. If asked to vacate, there will be no refunds.
  4. Breeds not allowed: Pit Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, or German Shepherd (Owner’s Exempt)
  5. I authorize any damage to the unit caused by my pet, to be charged to my credit card on file.
  6. I will notify Dunes staff of any situation generated by my pet that may require special attention.
  7. Please ensure that your pet’s, when on common property are a safe distance from small children.
  8. If staff or management observes, guest or owner, not removing pet droppings a $50.00 fee will apply.


I, ____________________ occupying unit ________ accept full liability and responsibility for my pet.   Arrival Date: ______________


X_____________________________________     Date: _____________



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